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To Ise and back

One notable problem with blogging about Japan is that most of the images you can get don’t relate that well to what you see. Indeed, in the most sacred temples and sanctuaries, you are not allowed to take photographs. And… Continue Reading →

Yudofu, the Hot Water Tofu

Tofu is used in Japan in many ways. One of these is very simple: the slices of Tofu are cooked in boiling water (you may put a bit of seaweed in the water). It is served during the winter as… Continue Reading →

Kodai-Ji temple

On the 12th of January was celebrated the  coming of age day. This corresponds to reaching the age of 20, age at which one is allowed to vote and is supposed to be an adult. For the young girls, specially,… Continue Reading →


We all know that the capital of modern Japan is Tokyo, and that before that it was Kyoto. As soon as one gets interested in Japan, one learns  that before that, Nara was the capital. Yesterday, we found out that… Continue Reading →

Our house

Let’s visit our house today! This is the apartment we have rented for the next 6 months. Where it is and what we have around us we have talked about in an earlier post. This time we are taking you… Continue Reading →


Day zero

After far too many mishappenings, worries, complications, we made it. At 9-15 this 28th of December we left our little house and started a long trip to Kyoto. We did have a last minute excitement: the key of the garage… Continue Reading →

About this blog

Spend six months in Japan. Wow. In Kyoto, furthermore. Wow, wow. This can be the occasion for many things… For research, for potting, for travelling, for learning a new language, for thinking, for building new friendships, For blogging… I am… Continue Reading →

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