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Mid May. Thomas Zeugmann, from Hokkaido University in Sapporo, invited me for a week. The invitation involved a week work, some meetings, a talk, but also a bit of time to visit Hokkaido. Hokkaido is the island of the North…. Continue Reading →

Kumano Kodo, season 2

We had a first go at the Kumano Kodo at the end of April. Enough to have the right of getting the official stamp. But it was so great that we wanted more. So when we saw that there was… Continue Reading →

Miyajima 50/50

So… Miyajima comes out as number 2 for Japan on Trip Advisor? So… Everyone who comes to visit us is saying that they have been told to go to Miyajima? So… 400 years ago, in what was surely the first… Continue Reading →


Walking (or hiking) in Japan is great. If you can speak and read Japanese. If not it can be difficult. It can be difficult to prepare the walk and find the maps, to get to the start of the trail,… Continue Reading →

Toji, day and night

Toji temple is a Mecca for admiring cherry blossom. Toji temple is already fantastic per se. The highest pagoda in Japan, Kondo and Kodo both contain fantastic statues, and in the premisses are held a couple of great markets each… Continue Reading →

Sakura !

We had been waiting for this during weeks. In every temple in Japan you are inevitably told to come for cherry blossom, or Sakura as it is called. What, Hyoruji is beautiful? Yes, but you should see it in Sakura!… Continue Reading →


The island of Kyushu is as volcanic as can be. Not only does it contain mount Aso (claimed to be the largest Crater in the world) but it also sees a huge number of thermal spots, called Onsen. We made… Continue Reading →


Excuse me. Are you Colin de la Higuera? Of course, when approached like that in a strange place you would like to go for Zaphod Beeblebrox’ lines from The restaurant at the end of the universe: « You are Zaphod Beeblebrox? »… Continue Reading →


South-west of Kyoto is the old capital of Japan. This sounds like a recurring theme… But yes, emperor Kanmu ruled from here between 784 and 794. Getting to Muko was easy-ish. We biked there. We had to cross rivers  Kamo,… Continue Reading →

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