The island of Kyushu is as volcanic as can be. Not only does it contain mount Aso (claimed to be the largest Crater in the world) but it also sees a huge number of thermal spots, called Onsen. We made for the eastern town of Beppu. Sitting on the hills of the mountains which reach down to the seas, Beppu contains many different Onsen (each Onsen is one source of hot water). The one of Kannawa occupies quite a surface on which lies our Ryokan (Japanese style of hotel) but also the nine hells of Beppu. These you were supposed to visit one after another, paying some 400 yen each. After 3 (Shiraike Jigoku, Umi Jigoiku and Oniishibozu Jigoiku) we decided that we could use our money for something better.

The steam just seems to come out of the ground… quite incredible. Each Ryokan allows you (for a small fee) to use their Onsen. And you even have some free foot-baths, with a strange system in which, after having kept your feet in a 40°C water for a few minutes, you can put them in a steam chamber which feels nice in comparison.

2016-02-14 13.44.31

Oniishibozu Jigoiku

2016-02-14 13.45.11

Oniishibozu Jigoiku

2016-02-14 12.57.01

Shiraike Jigoku

2016-02-14 18.02.40

Steam chamber after foot bath

2016-02-14 13.13.14

Umi Jigoiku

2016-02-14 13.21.19

Umi Jigoiku

2016-02-14 13.15.22

Umi Jigoiku

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2016-02-14 09.40.39



Sushi in Beppu


Served by a Ferrari


Served by a Ferrari


Very close to the Ryokan we found some fantastic sushi in Kappa Sushi Beppu where a red Ferrari brought you the extra sushi you didn’t feel like waiting for!

Beppu. Kyushu

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